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  1. How to create and Use stickers for WhatsApp.

    Make your own stickers!

    Download The App: Whatsapp stickers from the play store and enjoy Hundreds of free stickers....
  2. atny link many socha koi 6,7 alg alg keyboards hn...

    atny link many socha koi 6,7 alg alg keyboards hn gy:D
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    very useful thanks

    very useful thanks
  4. What's the best online photo editing and background eraser tool?

    You don't need desktop software like Photoshop or other image editing tools. All you need are some android mobile image editing or photo editing tools, that let you edit photos within your android...
  5. how to use QR code scanner app to scan or read the code?

    Nowadays, you can find QR (quick-response) codes on everything. These odd-looking, black-and-white, pixelated designs were originally used by the automotive industry, but today they are most often...
  6. GPS navigation and street view Application review:

    GPS navigation and street view: The best app for you to find all the feature in only one app live street view, in street view, google maps, satellite maps with live directions, details about...
  7. Which is the best app to download for scanning in mobile, documents, bar codes, and Q

    Super Fast QRCode scanner: The QR code generator is the most important mobile QR & Barcode Scanner / QR code reader app for every Android smartphone. This is a good and unique easily scans...
  8. Free online Image editor. Add effects, fun frames & stickers

    Want to be able to edit your photos online, for free and without having to learn complicated interfaces? Then Image cut paste and background eraser is what you are looking for! This online image...
  9. 5 best QR Code scanner apps leading the pack in 2019

    Whenever you are using barcodes and QR codes to fetch information from different products or from different stores, itís important to have some android app to decode that information there are lots...
  10. The best apps to remove background from image on Android.

    Do you want to remove the background of your picture if you canít remove the background and you put an image on another image to find that you canít remove the background of 1st image? Fortunately,...
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    how to upload an app?

    how to upload an app?
  12. How to Scan a QR code offline is it possible? If yes, then is it through smartphone?

    In modern days every product has QR code and all the information about that product is stored inside the code. The code contains lines and different numbers. The human eye can see the code but don't...
  13. Best Photo Background Removers for smartphones

    If you are not a professional photo designer or new in this field with the help of the right photo background remover and photo editor you will easily do a lot of things and change your previously...
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    Do You Need A Qr Code Reader App?

    What is QR code or how to use the QR code in business? A QR code is a simple bar code. It contains hidden information. To decode the hidden information there are lots of applications available for...
  15. Do You Need A Photo Cut Paste And Background Eraser android application?

    Cutting out an image or erase the background of the picture can be very easy or a bit difficult. How do you change the background of an image or cut the things out? To cut the image lot depends on...
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    Sticky: no one talking about the call of duty?

    no one talking about the call of duty?
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    i want to post my app link.

    posting a link of my free app in android apps is allowed?
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    samsung a50

    the fingerprint of a50 is not to fast.
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    i want to buy new android mobile.

    under 220usd I want to buy new android mobile. recommend one
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