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  1. Angry hi about games on samsung e900

    hi there i have followed what you have said and it saying java error invaild format thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Log in to see links
    Please note that not all games will be compatible with these handsets.
    There is your answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Log in to see links
    There is your answer.
    is there any chance u could help how do u install java games on a samsung z140 please i would b most greatfull if u could help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Log in to see links
    Error messages like 'JAVA attribute mismatch' probably mean the game itself isn't compatible.
    mine says java error invalid format?!?!

  5. Default .jar & .jad

    how do you get the .jar and .jad files to your pc please help

  6. Default Games for D807

    I have tryed most of the games on my cell phone none have worked yet anybody know of anythat will yet??

  7. Default problems sorted

    hi i was having the same problem as most couldn't get it to work got all the way to the install screen then bag invalid format or something like that so i put this down to my E900 not reading the jad file right. so i downloaded this program JADMaker 1.15 from this link Log in to see links its free don't be fooled by what it says ( for nokia phones ) this works for samsungs and not sure but as its for nokias and works on the E900 well id guess it will work for most. anyway this is how simple it is download JADMaker load it drag the jar file into it. it will cerate a jad file in the same folder as ur jar file this will work even if the game u download doesn't have a jad file its that good then do as u normally would type in the 2 codes and install the game thats it. IF THE GAME DOES NOT WORK AFTER GOOD CHANCE IS ITS NOT MEANT 4 THE PHONE i had 5 games and none worked did it this way and they all worked cheers best regards dave
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    nothing works i get stil a error

    Edit: al i downloud from other sites works
    al i download from mobiles24 don't works
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    Hi, i have done the step to install via BitPM and it works fine. But if i dont want the files in "My games" how should i do then. I try the same thing but with different folder but it doesnt work.

    Plz help.

    Btw, are Samsung stupid or what? im never going to buy a samsung phone again. Cant they just support installing via usb?

    Note: Is it possible to install via memory card reader? Just drag and drop?

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    invalid format,,,,,,,,,,what should i dooooooooo???

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