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    Arrow [FAQ] How to install Java Games on Samsung D807 & E900

    Please follow the Instructions below:

    Step 1: Transferring

    1. Download the .jar & .jad files to your PC using the Download to PC option.
    2. Using Samsung PC Studio 3 & USB Cable - Transfer the .jar & .jad files to your phone. (You can also use Bluetooth to transfer games)

    If you have lost your Samsung PC Studio 3 Disc, you can download it Log in to see links

    Step 2: Installing

    1. On your handset, dial (Like you would dial a number) *#9998*5282#
    2. A Menu will pop up with 3 options: Library Info, Native Info and Install MIDlet
    3. Select Install MIDlet
    4. A password box will pop up, Enter 235282 and press OK
    5. You will see the list of all the .jar & .jad files that you transferred to your phone. Select the .jad file and select Install.
    6. The phone will appear to freeze, this is normal. Close the slider, a warning may pop up about an unsigned MIDlet, select yes & Install.

    Thats it! The game should now be accessible from the game folder.

    Free D807 Games (176x220)

    Free E900 Games (240x320)

    Please note that not all games will be compatible with these handsets.

    If you have any questions regarding this FAQ please post below. (Please be aware that I do not own the Samsung D807 or E900. The information here was gathered from various sources and compiled here by myself, so I may not be able to answer some technical questions, but I will do my best
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    The pc studio only gives me the music folder option,also try sending them to the mstick but dont know what folder they should go, I dont know how to pass the games via usb, please help???

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    put them in the other files folder, the follow the instructions above, and you'll find them there

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    I made sure my screen resolution was the right size. How come the game still wouldn't work? It said JAVA attribute mismatched.

  5. Default ummm Java Error. Invalid Format

    that's what I get
    what do I do now?

    Do you know?

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    Error messages like 'JAVA attribute mismatch' probably mean the game itself isn't compatible.

  7. Smile Installing Games on Samsung E900

    Do these games work on any phone. I noticed that you do not need to select your phone before downloading the game. Is this right or am i just wrong and there is a proper way to do it. If so could you please tell me how to do this properly.



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    i did upto step #5 but the fone freezez afterwards and startz again after a few secondz, but the game iz not come?

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    It most likely means the game is not compatible.

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    i tried a few of them again but the same thing is happening, do u know which games are compatible?

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