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    i have an e900
    but when i put my .jar and .jad files, and i try to install a .jad file, it says:
    java error. invalid format
    i made the .jad with jad maker...
    where did i go wrong?

  2. Lightbulb


    Make sure you entered the code and if you have.....that basically means that the game is not compatible with your phone, please try a different game.

    Many Thanks,


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    well only gameboy works for my phone then..
    fack this...
    i wanna kill some1 now...
    but the Jad Maker was originaly made for Nokia systems,
    so maybe i need a difrent Jad Maker for Samsung?!
    cuz i got the gameboy from a diffrent place,
    and got the jad file with it...

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    Now all games work..
    just change the names, and the name in the .jad file
    put it in the guide for other people

  5. Question

    If you use USB cable, it shouldn't let you put the files on your phone if the name is too long ........

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    it sounds really weird
    but i cant seem to install games that are more than 6 letters long
    its true. so please add for other people

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    i have a problem
    i cant install games that are like
    bigger than 500/600 kb
    how can i bypass this?

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    Keep getting "Invalid Java File" on every game i try.... anyone know why? and how to stop it??

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    when i want to install the game it sais "Java error. Invalid Format"

    do u know what should i do ?

  10. Talking a question about ad's

    are they safe? do all of the games have them? is there anyway to avoid downloading or installing them?

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