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    I followed the instructions but it only says native info and library info...
    does anyone know how to do it?

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    for samsung phones, i think you need the .JAD extention version of the games, and i think the only way to install them properly is via bluetooth, you'll need a bluetooth dongle for your pc

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    can you help me with my samsung A801, i need to find the java code for it to install my games HELP please

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    are these odes t same with all samsung phones

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    I followed the instructions, but when I try to install a game I get: "Invalid Format". Does anybody know how to fix this?

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    hi i have the same problem "java error invalid format" keeps coming up anytime i try to install a game, any soultions out there

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    I have the same problem, have tried many games and still no luck. Does anyone have any solution

  8. Unhappy Need help to install games on J750

    I have a samsung J750 and i can´t install games on it. It says that the file is not suported. Please help. I have the phone for almost 2 months and i still don´t have any games on my mobile.

  9. Unhappy Sgh D807

    Hi ,
    Still dosnt work for me i have a Samsung D807 and i always get the error message: java error invalid Format , i dont know why !!!

  10. Default E950

    i have a E950 phone
    if i use the code i only see : Library Info, Native Info.
    Install MIDlet i don't see.
    Anyone who can help me?

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