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    my internet speed is 5 mbs and im happy about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlaw Log in to see links
    Well basicaly it should not be free but the man from where i get my connection didn't charge me any money and i have internet from over 3 years from him,and i'm not the only one that has free internet almost all my hood has free internet from him,so i'm just lucky that i have free internet.
    damn!your really lucky!

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    bye friends i'll be back in 2 or 3 hours.enjoy,chill out here and plz rate this thread.

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    My broadband connection is 11.302 kbps (11 meg)

    Im v happy with it considering the price for it!!
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    600-700 kbps happy with it
    and if a download games at theres sometimes 4mbps
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    Quote Originally Posted by MischaKo Log in to see links
    600-700 kbps happy with it
    and if a download games at theres sometimes 4mbps
    Do you have any spare invitation for me on a torrent site?

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    Download Speed Is 5713kbps

    Upload Speed Is 504kbps

    I'm Reli Happy Wiv It Cuz After All Its Orange Broadband which is free

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    a-DSL , download: 2 Mbit/s (~215 KiB/s) , upload: 256 kbit/s (~25 KiB/s)
    Download is OK , upload a bit too slow.

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    My connection is 512kbps & IM NOT HAPPY WITH IT!!
    Keep Rocking, Game On.....
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    16mb Broadband

    can get any faster than that in the UK apart from 24mb

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