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  1. Default Thanks Karl

    Thanks you helped avoided yet another charge for services from sprint and/or motorola..

    Any Idea how to pictures that were saved from the Camera to the phone? (not the external memory) but to the phone memory.


  2. Question

    Quote Originally Posted by Karl View Post
    why i can not open that url??? i can't open the too??

    do you have another links sir??

    is that Motorola Phone Tools v4.3.6c can be support to my Moto C650??

    Thanks for help......

  3. Default help

    i have a MOTORAZR V3c how do i get software to link it to my computer to donload ring tone and other stuff

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    Will this download here let me transfer ringtones to my phone from my computer

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    I've never had a problrm transfering any file to my SLVR L7c.
    I have a 2 GB micro SD card installed and it holds ALOT of files I had to purchase a memory card reader w/ the driver software so I could format the SD card to accept I no longer need to use the card reader.
    I just download the files directly to the SD card in my phone thru my laptop - the OS is Microsoft Windows - Vista Basic Home Edition. I won't bother w/Moto Tools. You could also try using the ringtone maker here on mobiles 24. Hope that helps.

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