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    why is it when i download to pc it won"t open so i can transfer to my razr any one help please

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    What is it you can't open?

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    I've had no troubles down loading ringers to my pc, then I transfer them to my RAZR, usually I use a file uploader, but you can use blue tooth or a cable too. good luck!

    btw, what is it you can't open on your pc??

  4. Default how can i get an app to work on my phone?

    after i download an app to my computer how can i get it to work on my phone?

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    You must install it via USB data cable using the program called "MotoMidman". Note, install usb driver first for your PC to properly install your device.

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    it would help our answer if we knew what phone you have

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    try to download motorola phone tools it supports many of motorola phones to transfer .

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