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    Exclamation Symbian s60 3rd games and softwares at fre stuff

    s60 3rd = s60v3 right? so why are in there s60v1,s60v2 games too?
    i think it would be the best if you could choose s60v1,s60v2,s60v3 because you dont know like this which one is good for your phone...
    sorry for my english...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incubator Log in to see links
    s60 3rd = s60v3 right?
    That's Correct, some games and applications in the gallery are not S60 3rd Edition due to the difficulty in identifying games between S60v3 and S60v1 & 2. Fortunately, We have now found a way to identify between games and apps that are S60v3 and S60 which (New S60 uploads) are now tagged accordingly with the correct version each game and app supports...

    S60v3 Games
    S60 Games

    S60v3 Software
    S60 Software

    We have not yet found a way to identify between S60v1 & S60v2.

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    I think you can find lists on the net...

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    We are now able to identify what editions / platforms all software and games support.

    The S60 3rd Edition Category will be updated and all new S60 uploads and uploads currently listed in the public gallery will be update and tagged with S60v1, S60v2 and S60v3.

    S60v1 (S60 1st Edition)
    S60v2 (S60 2nd Edition)
    S60v3 (S60 3rd Edition)

    P.S. There are no 'lists' on the internet that list every game / software and what platform they support.
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    these are good news

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    I was downloading a few games for my Nokia N73 (S60 3rd) with firmware V 3.0638.0.0.1 30-10-2006. No single game will be installed on the N73.

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    The games that are tagged with S60v3 should work on your phone. We haven't yet finished testing all the current games in the gallery to identify the platform versions. Once we have done this, we will update the S60 3rd edition page.

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    that is good news

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    yeah good news

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