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    Default Age of Magic (By Unknown)

    Age of Magic BETA 240x320

    S60v3, SymbianOS9

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    Arrow Age of Magic

    Age of Magic v0.08 (build: 195)

    Symbian: 9.1-9 .3
    Resolution: 320X240, 352x416
    Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian
    Developer: Dmitry Matveev aKa Beholder

    The Game:
    World Age of Magic - the world of fairy tales and legends. It is inhabited by elves, dwarves and other fantastic creatures. Heroes travel the world in search of treasure and glory.

    Magic - the cornerstone of the world AoM. In all there are 6 schools of magic: earth, water, fire, air, light and darkness. And two schools to explore the opposite direction is impossible, such as knowing the magic of darkness, the magic of light will be unavailable. Each race has the ability initially to a certain school of magic. So for the people is water, for the elves - light for Necromancers - darkness, for the barbarians - fire etc.

    Spells can be bought in magic guild in cities or in the magical towers found a map. In total there are 5 levels of spells, the higher the level the greater the effect of higher costs and higher requirements for their study.
    In game 6 types of resources - it is stone, wood, mercury, sulfur, magic crystals and gold. Each of the resources produced in the exact locations.
    Gather resources, build cities, learn magic, hire the army. Here's the basic strategy of the game. A well-trained hero with a large army - a serious bid for victory!

    Whats New:
    1. Added an underground race (castle, the heroes).
    2. Added 3 new landscape (swamp, volcanic, dead).
    3. Added support for localization of cards (30 languages).
    4. Corrected bug with wrong display of the results of the battle.
    5. Corrected bug with possible hang after the battle.
    6. Corrected bug is the inability to attack the enemy hero, if he is close to the castle, the player.
    7. Improved AI.
    8. Modified algorithm set of games.
    9. Changed game balance.
    10. Corrected bug with''''blue squares on the battlefield.
    11. Changed menu background to the original.
    12. Corrected a bug with the order of colors of players.
    13. Corrected a bug where the hero who escaped from appearing in the tavern.
    14. Fixed some errors in the text.
    15. The errors in the installation script.
    16. Fixed bug which leads to the fact that the parameters of creatures in the battle sometimes became negative.
    17. Changed the function of''school''of darkness, now adds +1 to the magic of Darkness.
    18. Fixed bug: sometimes when using magic, changing the speed (acceleration, deceleration, etc.) selected creature could not move.
    19. Functions is added a new soundtrack.
    20. Music is now interactive.
    21. Fixed errors when minimized / deploying games (playing music, if you deploy not redraw the screen, etc.)
    22. New credits in the form of running titles.
    23. Text control scrolling. Reworked interface.
    24. Messadzhi now also with scrolling. Maximum length of text to describe the maps, events, panels, etc. are now 16 bits (65536 chars.). Supported newlines.
    25. Added Ukrainian localization, thanks to Den-Eject.
    26. Full native podderzhfka 352x416 screens

    4 new maps for the Age of Magic-0.08 Maps from previous versions need to removed. They must be removed before installing the game from the directory * \ Private \ E9700266 \ maps.
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    Work perfectly on my E63