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  1. Default Freakin age...

    Can you please change my birth date to 10.7.1995? Plzzzzzzzzzz

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    I've changed it for you.

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    May God bless you dear child! xD Thx...

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    And one more request my dear lord... I tryed to delete my old account to register new one, but I didn't know how, so I maked new, i.e. this with name Fyroman, but, I don't like this name, and now I see how to delete account, so please delete Fyro and rename this to Fyro, and you're gonna to be 1st Admin that I respect xD Just kidding, can you do this for me? Plz my dear lord!
    P.S. I am kidding you're gonna be 1st Admin that I respect, 'couse you are gonna to be 3rd, sorry xD

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    Username updated.

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    Thx dude

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    Hey man can u change my name too from Joshua_pohan to Joshua only, i want to remain anonymous since a lot of my friends r on dis site too. Thanks a lot man.

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    erm, can you delete my davytiniti account?
    i wanna change my email, but i have used it for that account...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Log in to see links
    Username updated.

    Sorry Karl, apparently this has become a "request for name change" thread...

    I have a request. Can you change the title of the thread to reflect just that...

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