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  1. Default Post All Symbian Theme Requests Here:

    Hello Guys, I'm starting a New Thread and maybe other versions, any suggestions or objections will be aprecieated about these themes, please reply bak if u like it

    Search here first before posting in this topic

    Theme for N70, N72
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    Attached Files Attached Files
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  2. Default need themes for nokia E65

    please someone point me to get themes for my nokia E65

    Thank you

  3. Default

    Quote Originally Posted by easyboy Log in to see links
    please someone point me to get themes for my nokia E65

    Thank you
    go to [URL Removed]
    dis site has themes 4 all phones.
    bt r u able to instal themes for e65?
    whneva i ty to instal it says expired certificate!!
    r u facin nthin like dis? or d prob is wid my phn?
    pls help if u can.
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  4. Default Prison Break N73 themes

    Is there any where i can get Prison Break themes for my n73?Please let me know thanks

  5. Post N73 Softwares, Themes, Wallpaper

    Please upload N73 software,Themes, Any tips,Wallpaper

  6. Default

    how do i get the themes on my phone to work??

  7. Lightbulb foor themes Problems

    just mke the dte 1\1\2006
    then send the theme to the n73
    then download it normal

  8. Default Post All Symbian Theme Requests Here:

    Post All Symbian Theme Requests Here:

    If anyone could make me a job for a cowboy theme (metal band)
    that would be awesome. i have a nokia e65 and i've searched but i cant find one anywhere/

    i was also wondering if the s60 settings work on my phone. i heard something about it but i cant remember properly what was said.


  9. Default Nokia e65 themes

    Hi alll. Does anybody know from where I could get nokia e65 themes becuase I've been searching and I didn't find anything. Is there any website? I tried to download one, but it didn't open on my laptop is there any program that I coould use to make it open? Thanks

  10. Default hi

    nice yaa bro............just cool load some more

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