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    Arrow [FAQ] How to put MP3 Ringtones on LG Voyager VX10000

    Download and install:

    Follow the instructions below:
    • Connect the phone via USB cable
    • Start BitPim - Edit > Settings > Browse. Make sure the LGE CDMA USB Serial Port is the port being used in the com port field.
    • Set the phone type to LG-VX10000 - Get Phone Data.
    • Navigate to Filesystem (View > Show Filesystem) Expand it, and navigate to Brew > 16452 > lk > mr (or Brew > 10889 > Ringtones)
    • Right click in the mr folder (or Ringtones folder) and select New
    • Browse to your ringtone and click OK
    • Restart the phone.

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  2. Default

    i cant get my computer to access com5 whats goin on?

  3. Default

    Hi... That worked great... Do you know how to put the animated screen savers on there? please email me at [email removed]
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    This worked great. I was wondering though, could you use this method to put music from say, itunes, on the phone. Obviously you'd need to open a different file in bitpim, but is it do-able?

  5. Smile LG Voyager VX10000

    I tried the instructuins and they worked perfectly. Thanks for the help.

  6. Default LG Wine

    So, How do I get the ringtones on my LG Wine? I have no problem getting into the site on my phone and then I type in the ID and download and I can play it, but is it saved to my phone? I can't find the ringtone I supposedly downloaded in the phone anywhere.

  7. Default Games

    So How do you get games to the LG Voyager

  8. Default

    I have an LG Voyager Titanium. Will this method work for it as well or only the black version?

  9. Default Not working

    I couldn't get it to work... I've tried so many times it is making me crazy.. Where does the ringtone go when it downloads???? Is it supposed to tell you? All I get is a blank screen with a square in the upper left corner.. Please help....
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  10. Smile LG Voyager

    Hey guyz...maybe someone can give me a hand with this...

    I downloaded all the softwares and drivers i needed for my voyager and even downloaded bitpim. it detects it but doesnt show any data and doesnt allow me to send or receive any data.. also when i go to file systems there is no other folder there? am i doing something wrong? can someone give me a hand?


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