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  1. Arrow [Tutorial] How To Create Sony Ericsson Themes

    Hi, this is a tutorial on how to make your own Sony Ericsson themes.

    Software Required:

    [EDIT] How to add media skin to your Sony Ericsson

    Step 1: Select Phone Model:

    To begin, open the creator and select your phone model:

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    If you don't see your phone, just try to look at the similar models. So if your model is K630i, you select something like K700.

    Step 2: Editing the Standby Screen

    Next, once you have selected your phone, you will be directed to a page called Standby - This page lets you edit your wallpaper for the theme, the text colour and more.

    See the picture below

    1. Import your desired wallpaper (Note: Always use pictures that have the correct size and aspect ratio, ie. 176x220 for the W610. Use the image editing software listed above if you want to resize or crop pictures)
    2. Select font colour (Left softkey and right softkey, operator name and time)
    3. select colour of font when softkey (either left or right, or the middle button etc.) is pressed.
    4. The outlines of the fonts (Time, Operator, etc)
    5. Also, you can import your own pictures for the softkey (both sides) when pressed.
    6. Import picture for standby statusbar (The top part of the standby screen, the place where they show you how much battery you have left.)
    7. Import picture for standby softkey

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    Sorry if it was too messy, I'm not that good at editing pictures.

    Step 3: Editing the Desktop Screen

    Ok, now we can go on to the next part, the Desktop. Click on the button situated at the top that says Desktop.

    Here, you can edit the Desktop Background and the Desktop Highlight (Something that highlights the options on your desktop...), you can also edit the font as before, the clock colour and the title text...

    See the picture below

    1. Import image for desktop wallpaper (Again, make sure you use an image with the correct aspect ratio)
    2. Colour for Title Text
    3. Colour for Clock
    4. Colour of Desktop Background (the colour underneath the wallpaper. if you have no wallpaper, that colour will show up)
    5. Import image for Desktop Highlight

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    I think you should be getting the hang of it by now.

    Ok, we skip the next few pages as the are relatively similar to the first two pages, but if u have any problems, please ask and i will edit this thread to add what you would like to know (If I know how to do it)

    Step 4: Misc

    Next, click on Misc.

    There are a few features here that may not work on your phone because:

    1. Some Sony Ericsson phones do not use WAP browser anymore, but even if you change the colour of the wap browser, your theme will still work.
      Another is the calendar, it didnt work on my phone even though i changed the colour.
    2. The Volume Staples (The thing that shows you the level of your sound) on my phone are different so that didn't work too.

    Now, on to the Progress Bar: When you are downloading or loading something, the progress bar will come up - I managed to change the colour of the progress bar and its slider (Details below... Incase some of the things that didnt work for me worked for others, I will include everything.)

    See the picture below

    1. Volume Staples
    2. Progress Bar
    3. Progress Bar Slider and fill (The colour inside of the bar)
    4. Calendar

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    Step 5: Sounds

    Click on Sounds, you will see two boxes where you can import sounds for your desired ringtone and message alert tone.

    Step 6: Author

    Now, for the last page: Author. In this page, you can edit the details of the author, ie. Yourself.

    After all that, be sure to save your work.

    Additional Information

    Colour Codes: If you're too lazy too go scroll around looking for your colour, then Log in to see links for a table of colour codes that you can punch in to the boxes.

    I think thats all FOR NOW. I'll be editing this thread and adding more stuff to it... like the skipped pages etc.

    Feel free to ask any questions, I'll be here to answer them.

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