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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Log in to see links
    Please follow the instructions below...

    1. Download the game using Download to PC Option
    2. Install the software that is supplied with the phone
    3. Connect the USB cable to your phone and insert the USB cable into the computer
    4. Double click - Open Folder to view files using Internet Explorer >> MSSEC >> Media files >> other >> Drag & Drop your Game (.jar) here.
    5. Disconnect USB
    6. On your phone, go to the other folder, on the file click Install >> game.

    The game will install and can be accessed from the game folder.

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    i'm probably going to sound like a moron but that's nothing new for me... but i have a w350 but don't see any games for that particular model, will any 176x220 games work on it? thanks for any help!

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    Yes they will work.

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    thanks so much for the quick reply!

  5. Default I need some help

    hey Every body....!! Any body knows which Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones are best for using office and for home... which have a long bettery time....

    Thx in advance...

  6. Default Playing jar games


    First time here as well as playing java games.

    Have w995 and downloaded some great games and ebooks!

    Too bad the "star wars imperial ace" does NOT work 'cause it look great!
    Only get the sound and only exit!

    Question is reading ebooks in jar format...

    Besides killing my eyes upon reading text on such a small screen, how do you navigate through text beside up and down?

    Able to figure out that pressing a number or two will scroll screen downward but can't get it to stop well!

    Making things worse is that there is NO help screen for instructions!

    Where's the Exit key? Have to end the application to quit, instead!

    # key adjusts the font size so I have it set to the lowest setting to read the text, finally, though it is very small!

    Any advice on how to maneuver through ebooks better?

    Thank you!

  7. Exclamation Does it work on w200i??

    Because i use put my game in my memorycard when i install it then play it
    its says "Application error"BUt when i download it again and i install it on my phone it works??Can anyone solve my problem?sorry for my bad english!!!

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    please help im a bit stupid once i have got the game onto my fone sony ericson c905 does it cost me money to play it

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    Where can i find games? Donde puedo encontrar juegos?

  10. #70


    Thank you, said very detailed.

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