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    Install the software that is supplied with the phone

    what do you mean?????

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    why izit that everytime i download the file to pc, it is always 1678 b????
    can help me??thanks

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    Install the software that is supplied with the phone

    what do you mean?????
    The one that came with the phone, are you new to this stuff??

    If you are asking to the download thing, go to your post titled: help. . .

    Maybe that will help you. . .

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    hello guys i just bought my mobile phone but i cant find any mssec folder,i have a k770 and i have to say i m a total newb for mobile phones^^ ,could you help me please?

  5. Default super Bluetooth

    When I try to download super bluetooth from this website it says that it can't find. WHy? Maybe is something to do with Jar? Plz reply

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    I need some help. I recently got a W580i and am attempting to put games on it. Whenever I download the games from this site to my PC, I get an error code when it finishes:

    Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from
    C:\DOCUME~1/Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\(insert game here)-80998.jar

    I've tried this with several games, and get the same error code every time. I've tried to search for the game anyway within my hard drive, but I can't find them.

    Any ideas?

  7. Default u might try

    Quote Originally Posted by dinz Log in to see links
    i follow this procedure but in my phone there is no install... i can't play the games that i download.. can u help me.. where do i find "jar"... my phone is K550im can u help me how to download games on it... thank you..
    u might try googling sites which provides docomo java type game.. else change ur handphone which support java midp1 n 2

  8. Unhappy Games


    Im trying to download a free game to pc but its not letting me. I have also tried to gain access to site on mobile but that isnt letting me either, any advice? Please

  9. Default karl?

    karl zata?

  10. Default they arent working

    my phone is nokia 6300 and over the last couple of days ive downloaded aboot 20 games or so, ive then put them on my phone but they wont work!!

    here are some examples :
    Poke'mon green says "out of memory erro java/outofmemoryerror"

    pokemon (red blue yellow) says "invalid application delete?"
    i have no idea what im doing wrong

    they are all .jar files and when downloading games on this site i have only downloaded supposed nokia 6300 compatible games... help?

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