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    Arrow Keep One, Drop One Game

    This Game goes like this...

    Everytime you post you take one of the words of the previous post, and post it in your post, of course with another word!

    For example ...
    ... if the 1st post is : break out
    ...then, the 2nd post would be : prison break

    ( As you can easily see, i took the word "break", for my 2nd post )!
    ( In the 3rd post i could say, for instance : prison violence )
    ( And i would take the word "prison" this time).

    ( Note : You take one word of the previous post, no matter if it's the first or the second word )

    I'll start...

    gorgeous girl -->
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    maybe little bit rude.....

    gorgeous girl-> girl sucks

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    little girl

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    little time -->

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    i don't get it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slash Log in to see links
    i don't get it
    Read the first post my fiend!
    Please, don't spoil the game!
    I thought it would nice to have some more Threads of playing games, that's why i started this game, and some others, in the same Forum!
    It's up to you if you wanna play or not, of course!
    Thank you...!

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    time limit -->

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    speed limit

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    Speed TV.


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    TV Shows --->

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