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    Arrow You Put "this" in "that" Game

    This Game goes like this...
    Specify a word which is in the part of the next word.

    For instance : You put for in before

    I'm sure you all got the meaning of the game!

    ( If you want to, put them in colors like the previous example )

    So, i'll start...

    and to standard -->
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    C'mon people...this is a nice game as well!

    You put sent in present --->

  3. Default


    is that how you play this?

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    ( That's correct my friend... )

    ant in redundant --->

  5. Default

    well----> farewell

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    each in preach --->

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    I like dr who any chance someone can come up with a game with daleks cybermen and some old dr whos?

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    Ass----> Pass

  9. Default

    king-----> parking

  10. Default You Put "this" in "that" Game

    Kinda simple to understand. The first post says a word and than the post after that says a word that has something to do with the first word. Example: Suppose I put "Foot". Than your post would be "Foot<<Shoe". Than the next post would be "Shoe<<Leather".
    Got it? ok.. Ill start


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