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  1. Question nth format?

    I have a Nokia 6131 and when I try to download "themes", it states that it cannot recognize the file format, which is "nth"...what can I do to fix this problem?

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    Ive just looked it up and its a series 40, im not sure why its doing this it maybe that the themes you are trying to use are currupted in some way.

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    hi there..
    the problem can be due to the version of the theme studio used in creating the theme..
    i experienced that one too..i made a theme using theme studio 2.2, and after transferring the theme to my phone, it cannot open or apply the said theme.. i tried using the theme studio 1.2 and it worked on my phone..

    another problem could be the theme you've downloaded is corrupted..

    hope it helps..

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