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  1. Default What Brand My Phone Is.

    My mobile phone is an Android LGL55C. This is a 3Generation phone I bought at Walmart tyo use on their Straighttalk network.

    I would also like to know why when I tap download on a ringtone, it always sends me to Motown something or other which cost $9.99 per month. I was under the impression that your ringtones were free. What is the catch to this?

    Thank you,
    L.L. St. Clergy (lynsaint)
    My cell number is: 409-791-1354

  2. Default

    I am a newbie here, I bought a Bee mobile model 7100 which supports Androids..
    can any1 help e plz from where can i have stuff for my mobile and what software should i use it to connect my phone with PC like nokia uses PC Suit..
    does all androids stuff is same for all phones or do they differ from model to model and brand? i mean can i downlaod and use Android stuff on my Bee 7100 or no?
    thanks and regards,

  3. Default

    Samsung Galaxy I9003

  4. Default Myphone model

    I have nokia c2-01

  5. Angry htc hd7 (crop)

    Most wasted few hundred pounds I have ever spent.avoid this phone like the plague 10 year old phones are more up todate can't share via Bluetooth,can't set custom sms,email tones,can't send sms to multi contacts in & out to enter one at a time, can't download files on to phone from sites like zedge,4shared etc no flash support the list goes on & on & on -5 stars out of 5

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    I've got a motorola droid razr.

  7. Default

    I have a Motorola Triumph with Froyo (Android 2.2). It's old but works well and serves as a good development phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaGoddess Log in to see links
    Sony Ericsson W660i. A very good phone at an excellent price.
    I am using sony aino..its like one of those i phones

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    N73 with Symbian 9.3 OS

  10. Default

    I have got N73 with Symbian 9.3 third edition phone. This phone is having its great disadvantage in its joystick . It doesn't receives memory card after insertion . Sincerely speaking its keypaid strip is old & is not working well for sdcard . Its internal memory Is only 40 Mb so so bad. The only advantage lies in Camera that is superb.

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