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    LG G2 just got it & discovering New features on it daily😄 glad I switched from i5 so far so. Good👍 also had S5 for a short disappointing time

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    hi friends, i am using micromax A075 is a nice phone & good looking, this phone function is to good.

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    Can you believe it I have two phones iPhone 4S and samsung galaxyS3.

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    Sony xperia SL-Lt26ii

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    i am using Sony xperia z3, it's a very good phone an nice price

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    i have used SAMSUNG, NOKIA and IPHONE, Iphone is my best favpourites!

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    OnePlus One and Nokia Lumia 635

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    Nokia Lumia 510 and Iphone 5 hihi . Anyone else using like me? =)

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S-N910G
    Android OS 5.0.1 Lollipop / GPU: Adreno (TM) 429

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    Presently I'm using Lenovo S850, which is an awesome gadget when it comes to android, It got the glass body that really looks classy & appealing. Wherever I go, I get lots of compliments fr my handset for its fantabulous features & qualities. Up till now, I haven't faced any problem with my handset. Now lets see how it runs hence forth.

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