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  1. Talking [FAQ] How To Install Java Games On Samsung E250

    It took me a lot of time to finally figure out how to do this right lol. I am writing this guide from scratch, it is not simply a copy and paste from somewhere on the internet.

    Anyway, to start...

    NOTICE: I can not guarantee this will work on your phone, i can only say it has worked successfully for me and to current has not had any negative affects to the handset, USE THIS TUTORIAL AT YOUR OWN RISK! I can not promise you that it will not mess up your phone, so take notice of this warning.

    What You Will Need:
    • A bluetooth adapter for your PC. (even a cheap one is fine, mine was only AU$17)
    • Softick PPP 2.21
    • Samsung XXXX Java Uploader
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    1. First start by switching on bluetooth and pairing your device with the computer and authorising the computer (this prevents any further mucking about)
    2. Next activate the serial port service for your phone,

      For bluesoleil 5.0.5 right click on your device and select "connect bluetooth serial port". Once this has finished the install process, right click on the device again and select "disconnect bluetooth serial port"
    3. Then key into the handset: *#52828378#
    4. Select OTA Type settings -> serial bearer
    5. after this point, restart the phone
    6. once the phone has started up, right click the softick PPP icon in the system tray and select the "bluetooth/serial" tab and check the box next to all com ports that device ends with "serial@" (@ being a number)
    7. after this step, click ok then right click the icon in the taskbar again and select "Activate PPP"

      now the red cross should dissappear and the bluetooth icon in your taskbar should be green.
    8. Next, key in again *#52828378# select 'serial test' -> 'PPP Up' -> 'Bluetooth'
    9. it should take you back, then once you are back in the main menu, select 'serial test' again and leave it at that.
    10. NOW, open Samsung XXXX java uploader, and add the JAD file for the java game you wish to install.
    11. Next, back on the phone, select 'serial download'
    12. a progress bar should appear, and once the download is finished, the game should automatically start.

    Thats it... you have just installed your first game

    Important: once you have finished installing games for your session, key in *#52828378# again, select OTA Type Setings and then select "GPRS Bearer" and restart the phone this is important otherwise next time you select WAP, your phone will restart.

    Additional information about the E250:

    • It Does Not Support 3D Java Games
    • The Screen Resolution is 128x160 pixels

    I'm sorry this is a bit of a dodgy appearing guide lol i'l format it a little bit later once i have some more time, hope it helps!

    - phantom69

    I have attached a tested and working game that i installed with this method!

    There are WAY better games out there that i have got to work but those may be useful for beginners.

    Currently working games i have installed:
    • Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
    • Kobe Bryant Pro Basketball 2008
    • Midnight Pool
    • Platinum Mahjong
    • Amped Mobile Edition
    • Runner626
    • Tornado Mania
    • Brick Breaker Revolution
    • Fight Night Round 3
    • Die Hard 4.0
    • Ultimate Street Football
    • Worms Golf

    Previously installed but deleted for space:
    • Skate
    • Worms Worlds

    Several others i cant remember lol
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by Karl; 23-06-2008 at 01:07 AM.

  2. Default

    If find your faq very useful, thanks a lot! I'm glad that now I have resolved my problem!

  3. Default

    Will the same procedure work for E490 ?

  4. Default

    nyan, just re-enter the serial download menu after adding another game to the list in the java uploader and re-select serial download.

    ruelluis, i don't know i only have the E250

  5. Default

    ok thanks and btw is there anyway that i can bypass the limit of 4mb

  6. Default

    unfortunately no, not to my knowledge. although i could (hopefully) be wrong :s

  7. Talking help me please

    where can i find the softick ppp and xxx java uploader??
    cant find one in the internet, thanks a lot for the help

  8. Default

    i can do this, thanks a lot to your tutorial. Anyway just wanna share my thinking about SS devices, too bad in installing java games/app if compare to European manufacturer, even LG

  9. Default

    Good man u r a genius I would realy like to read books on my e 250, could u pleeeeeeeeease find any softwear 4reading and also let me know how may i install all that to my cell, thanx i'll appreciate that.

  10. Default

    cheers dude got it working

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