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    Arrow [FAQ] Problems Downloading / Setting MP3 Ringtones

    If you are experiencing problems downloading our MP3 ringtones via WAP and receive the error message, "Requested Page Cannot Be Displayed" (or similar). Or can play the ringtone, but can't save it; this indicates your carrier may have disabled the ability to download or set MP3 songs as ringtones.

    The following carriers have disabled the ability to download or set MP3 songs as ringtones:


    • Apple iPhone
    • Audiovox CDM-8915 (Snapper)
    • Audiovox CDM-8945
    • Kyocera KX9 (OYSTR)
    • Verizon LG VX5200
    • Verizon LG VX8100
    • Verizon LG VX9800 (Note: Supports MP3 ringtones via BitPim - click here for the tutorial)
    • Nokia 6236I
    • Pantech PN-215
    • Samsung SCH-A850
    • Samsung SCH-A970
    • Samsung SCH-**00
    • Samsung SCH-**10
    • Sidekick II
    • Sidekick III
    • UTStarcom GzOne Type Z

    Please note: If your phone or carrier is not listed here and you are having problems with downloading ringtones, please post you phone make / model, your carrier, and the error message you receive. We also recommend that you contact your carrier to see if they have disabled the ability to download or set MP3 ringtones on your phone.

    Alternatively, you 'may' be able to download / set MP3 ringtones using the following methods:
    • Use our DRM downloading feature (private downloads only), which allows you to download your "privately" uploaded / created MP3 files in the .dm format, of which is the required format in order to set MP3's as ringtones on DRM restricted handsets (You can also use DRM Packager).
    • Download using the Download to PC option and transfer via USB cable or Bluetooth.
    • Download and install BitPim and use a USB cable to transfer ringtones.
    • Convert the MP3 to AMR using Mobile AMR Converter (Freeware) (Works with Sony Ericsson W810 and others)
    • Convert the MP3 to 3G2 using SUPER (Freeware) (Works with Samsung Sprint handsets).
    • Use Audacity to shorten or lower the quality of the MP3 ringtone, as some providers restrict ringtones over 300 kb.
    • Attach and send the ringtone via email to your phone's email address (You may need to change the file extension from .mp3 to .mid for this to work)...

      List of carrier email prefixes:

      Boost Mobile:

    We had been working on a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) to allow you to send MP3 ringtones to your phone as a multimedia message, but due to complications and unreliability in sending and receiving ringtones, the service has not yet been enabled.

    If you have any questions regarding this FAQ or any helpful tips, please post below.

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