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    I also am having problems. I have a LG Shine- for At&t. I have been able to access before but now all the sudden I'm having issues. I can log onto the "enter your ID" part- and then when i hit "GO" it's telling me page can not be displayed. I'm quite irritated. I have friends who also have At&t and who have NO problems- they have the blackjacks- so perhaps it's not a problem since they use regular 'internet'...not sure..

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    For the record...I just spent hours with my mobile company explaining the problem including doing a master reset since I was able to use this website before and they have NO idea what's going on along with the fact they're saying they haven't banned anything so I'm not quite sure what's going on...

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    I have an Lg Lx165 and whenever i select the download link it brings me to a page with a box with an X and the word object in it. Nothing else is displayed on the page.

    It doesnt say anything about not being able to display the page or anything.

    Any help?
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    I have a samsung eternity sgh-a867 getting same error down loading

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    I have an LG Vu and it keeps saying that the page cannot be displayed after i hit go after download by ID. What is going on?

  6. Default wheres the download button on the game download page?

    i cant find it anywhere to download it to pc

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    Quote Originally Posted by mridulrj93 Log in to see links
    i cant find it anywhere to download it to pc
    Under the game description you will see this.

    Save Game To PC.jpg

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    How do i download a ringtone on to my computer and get them on to my phone and use them as a ringtone for a Nextel i880? Please Reply!


    My problem is when I do a WAP download from your site... My phone tries to save it as "index.php". It has the right file size but I think this is weird. Do I have to rename the file?

  10. Angry downloading issues

    i get to the point of hitting download this item and it doesnt seem like my phone(LG Voyager) does anything...just sits there....what am i not doing right? HELP!!!

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