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    Arrow [FAQ] Installing Java games on LG KG800 Chocolate

    To install Java Games on the LG KG800 Chocolate using USB Cable you will need to use LG Contents Bank (Software provided with the LG KG800 Chocolate)

    Please follow the step by step instructions below:

    Step 1: Connecting your LG KG800 Chocolate to your computer

    1. Install LG Contents Bank
    2. Enable Modem on your phone by going to Settings > Connectivity > Modem > On
    3. Connect USB cable from PC to LG KG800 Chocolate
    4. Run LG Contents Bank Software and Press Connect and choose USB Connection

    Step 2: Modifying LG Contents Bank Software

    1. Close LG Contents Bank
    2. Go to Program Files > LGGSM > LGContentsBank and edit config.ini (Make sure you create a backup first)
    3. Change EXIST_JAVA=N to EXIST_JAVA=Y
    4. Change MODEL_NAME=xxxxxx to MODEL_NAME=KG800

    Step 3: Creating a Java Folder & modifying the .jad file
    1. Go to Program Files > LGGSM > LGContentsBank > Contents - create a new folder and name it Java
    2. Copy your .jar and .jad files to the Java folder.
    3. Now edit the .jad file using Notepad and add: MIDletX-LG-Contents: KG800 to the end.

    Step 4: Open LG Contents Bank and reconnect your LG KG800 Chocolate phone. There should now be a Java Option to transfer the java games to your phone.

    You will need to use games that support a screen resolution of 176x220 which can be found in our Public Gallery.

    If you have any questions regarding this FAQ please post below. (Please be aware that I do not own the LG KG800 Chocolate. The information here was gathered from various forums and compiled here by myself, so I may not be able to answer some technical questions, but I will do my best)
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  2. Default Lg U830

    Just wondering if there is a similar procedure for the LG U830?

    Very frustrating how this phone can't have .jar files uploaded...

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    Sorry, I can't seem to find any information on how to transfer and install games for your phone.

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    but would it work on lg 8500 and watz LG Contents Bank

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    No, This tutorial will only work with the LG KG800 Chocolate.

    LG Contents Bank is software bundled with the LG KG800 Chocolate. The LG8500 Chocolate does not support this software.

    Java games will not work on Verizon handsets because they use Brew

  6. Red face Lg Ke800

    hi im using LG KE800 New Chocolate Platinum. I just transfer them via USB data cable to 'others' folder and some of them work and some of them don't. I really want games like sims2. SHould I try another method? I don't have any softwares like 'LG contents bank' or sth like that

    Yeah. and I never used the .JAD file either. I just put .JAR inside 'others' folder
    Last edited by twinsj1; 28-04-2007 at 08:56 AM. Reason: forgot sth

  7. Default

    hey wat s up man

  8. Default Help me...

    Please, could you tell me how can I installing games on my LG VX8100???
    Please, help me...

  9. Default

    how bout 4 ku800 lg?plz replzy s soon s possible thanx

  10. Default help me please

    well, I'm sorry, I'm not english, I'm french, so excuse me if my english is not very good... I juste want somneone help me please, because I have the LG KG800, I have taken some games on this site, Bobby carrot 4 in this case,( 176x200), i can set up the games but when I try to play, it stops at the sound, it's written "do you want music?" and I cannot answer, the game is stopped... Can someone help me please????

    (sorry for my english...)

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