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    Does anyone know how to do this with an LG Dare???

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    I own an LG GT505 ... and i can't seem to find anything about my phone anywhere... i wonder if anyone can tell me how to resize the games and/or remove the digital keypad that apears under the games i play ... for example the game im most interested in atm is diamond twister that i found here ... but the keyboard takes up half the screen ... i'd like to know if it can be removed or at least made smaller so i can play the game more easily ... and i wonder one more thing ... my gf has bejewelled on her LG viewty ku990i it's a demo ... i wonder if that game can be downloaded complete aswell for my cell phone ... i know its pretty much the same as the diamond twister but i prefer that one ... anyway, im more interested in the resizing the game for my LG GT 505 ... Thanks in advance

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    any1 noe how to install game on an LG DLITE 570?

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    túi xách thời trang Pháp alamode !!!!


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