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    is there no other way of getting the game into the phone
    i wan play my pokemon T-T and installing the things sure takes a long time

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    Please, could you tell me how can I installing games on my LG VX8100???
    Please, help me...

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    how bout 4 ku800 lg?plz replzy s soon s possible thanx

  4. Default help me please

    well, I'm sorry, I'm not english, I'm french, so excuse me if my english is not very good... I juste want somneone help me please, because I have the LG KG800, I have taken some games on this site, Bobby carrot 4 in this case,( 176x200), i can set up the games but when I try to play, it stops at the sound, it's written "do you want music?" and I cannot answer, the game is stopped... Can someone help me please????

    (sorry for my english...)

  5. Default Games On Lg Kg800

    I have an lg kg800 and all i do is use my usb cable and drag the jar file into the other folder on my fone and then instal it from there

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    Hi, does this tutorial also applys to the LG KU800? Which i have.... but it doesnt seem to come bundled with the LG Contents Bank.

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    hey wat s up man

  8. Default help

    well i do have that problem, the thing is that i did everything its said, and when i connect again and try to transfer the game it says "this game its not offered by lg electronics"

    what can i do?

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    go into computer/progamfiles/lggsm look for config (paper w a cogwheel on it) open with notepad and change the phone model to KG800

  10. Default Bluetooth

    I can not install games, with bluetooth multiplayer. I have the lg ke800 platinum. Er is coming a error.

    P.s. I'm Dutch.

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