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    yeah!! the game is great, i'm playing it even now!!

  2. Thumbs up

    I downloaded the game recently and I say it is pretty good. However, the game itself, especially its challenge games, does remind me of Gameloft's earlier game Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest, which has many similar mechanics as Diamond Twister.
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    that's because it's really the same game

    just made mostly for both male and female

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    Great review however for me it might be better paris hilton diamond quest.Cause:
    -Puzzle border is bigger
    -You have much more ammount of time
    -And i think gameplay is alot more easier

    The only thing its better is graphic and sound.

    Im not a puzzle fan but this game is not addictive to me.

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    great effort my dear

  6. Default

    Good review ! But I hate this game

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    Next Review; 2010 Ultimate Tennis Hard Court

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aar0n Log in to see links
    Next Review; 2010 Ultimate Tennis Hard Court
    nice i'll wait for it
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    it's great..!! i'll wait it.

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