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    Log in to see links - good enough to stay sitting in front of the TV.

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    Log in to see links

    Nothing better than a good old school comedy, these new movies are mostly junk.

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    Life On Mars

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    Log in to see links - Marisa Tomei

    The movie industry knew how to make a good movie in the 80's & 90's , not so much nowadays though!

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    Game of thrones 1-2 seasons
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    Game of Thrones, all of season 8 in one day

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    Recently I've seen PARASITE and i think this was a throughly engrossing film. Certainly something all movie lovers should seek out and see. Funny, Nuanced, Suspenseful, and poignant. It really has something to say and the performances are all just great. This is why we go to the movies.
    If you like Bong Joon-Ho movies you'll probably love it.

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    George of the Jungle

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