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    I'm reviving this thread because its the sort that can run and run-the last film I watched was 'see no evil' (with KANE from WWE) -sick and bloody film that actually made me squirm,and that's qiute an achievement with all the gory and violent films I've seen!
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    Last movie I watched was Underworld Evolution. For the 120th time

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    Kungfu Panda for the 10th time

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    The Happening for the first time

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    Lake Placid 2
    What a horrible movie

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    Meet the spartans that movie is hilarious. Anybody watched it?

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    Rambo First Blood: Part II

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    Alien v'S Predator 2...... What a load of Crap Also went cinema to see Hancock, Was ok but slightly disappointed overall.

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    get riched or die tryin-50 cent

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