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  1. Default No Blackberry 8130 OTA install?

    Hi there,

    I've tried to install River Rider 3D and Gunbird to my new BB 8130 Pearl.
    However, both putz out, given 'Exception errors'.

    Can I only install the games via Desktop or am I missing something simple?

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  2. Default Easy Install

    1) download the *.JAR file to your computer
    2) plug in USB to BB-Pearl(with USB card inserted and select Yes to storage)
    3) Cut/Copy *.JAR file to BB-Pearl(Or USB card in BB-Pearl)
    4) Disconnect BB-Pearl when completed
    5) on BB-Pearl run the "Media" application
    6) in Media app press "BlackBerry"/Menu button and select "Explore"
    7) Find *.JAR/game file and press "BlackBerry"/Menu Or TrackBall button
    8) Simply select Open/Install then Run

    Deleting after install;
    1) on BB-Pearl Desktop select "Options"
    2) select "Advanced Options"
    3) select "Applications"
    4) Highlight application to be Deleted and press "BlackBerry"/Menu key
    5) select "Delete"
    some applications require a Restart after deleting
    It is much easier than it looks, I just broke-down all the steps into single actions. I Find this much faster than the Desktop software install of *.cod,*.alx files.
    Hope this helps, Have Fun

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