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    From the dawn of time came... the platform game! Right after top down maze games (think Pac Man clones gone wild), you had the 'look at your man from the side and jump over gaps, beasties, spikes and collect stuff. And it spawned thousands of variants, some good, some bad, some utterly wonderful - is there are more perfectly balanced game than Jet Set Willy? Thought not.

    The platform game gives probably the best sense of 'being there' in a video game - that's why it's been so popular over the years, with countless classic implementations on every new device. Now here's Pandemonium, another of the brand new Nokia N-Gage Game Cards... that have previously appeared on the Sony Playstation.

    Looking AheadFor all the lush graphics, 3-D views and wibbly background story, it's a platformer. The control are your basic left/right/jump, with an additional button to fire any of the colour 'cloud' weapons you absorb along the way.

    But Pandemonium isn't that good. The plot (you and your friends find a Spellbook, cast a nasty version of Alohamora, and now need to find a plant to reverse the spell) is minimal in the extreme. Playing the game and you can find all the flaws in the implementation. The levels are very linear in that there is only one real way to go to reach the end. You never feel you are exploring the worlds, or in control of your destiny. Hovering over you all the time, pulling you forward with little thought to diversity, is the all-knowing programmer.
    Compatibility: N95,N95 8GB,N73,N73ME,N93,N6120c,,,,,,, N95, N95 8GB, N73, N73ME, N93, N6120c

    1.Install the game
    2. Put folder levels Е: / private
    3. The installation of the full version connection to the Internet is not necessary
    4.install the game on the memory card in the first place and then replace the folder. If you put the folder on the memory card and then install the game it will not work.
    The trick is to install the game to the memory card.
    After all some time and abort all connections to the Internet.
    Then replace the folder on the memory card with the full level of the folder this thread.

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    i want 128x160 plz

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    Quote Originally Posted by jojomamal View Post
    i want 128x160 plz
    This is a symbian game, theres no such thing as a 128x160 symbian phone.

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    TANX!! This game is Amazing!! would you have TR Underworld too?!

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    If this Symbian, Why post it in Java games section ???
    Or may I can play it in Java Phone ???

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