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    Default Console/PC Games

    There are bits and pieces of this subject all over the Lounge, so I thought we can put it all together in here.

    To start, I think this is going to be awesome (if you're an MK fan that is)

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    I played something like that when i was younger on ps1 i think,but the new version it will be more awesome,and this game is not for pc.

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    Look at this. The Bat-Cave is one of the Arenas:

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    What a incredible game,to bad i don't have a console.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlaw Log in to see links
    What a incredible game,to bad i don't have a console.
    I really enjoy my Xbox360, but to honest, console games are getting so ridiculously expensive that I decided to only get games like this on the console. The rest I'll get on PC.

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    But i think you can modd yor xbox and download the games for free from torrents

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    For the Ladies: The new Spyro:

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    Xbox 360 Ftw

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    here's my copy of spore
    Click on if you liked the post

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    The best pc game is PES it rocks

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