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  1. Question **what Is Your Favourite Football Player??***

    what is your favourite football player, from which team and which league????

    startin with mee..
    Rooney 10
    Man Utd
    Premier League

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    Steven Gerrard-Liverpool


  3. Default

    Basso 1
    Bristol City

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    Steven Gerrard - Liverpool

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    R V P ! ! ! ...
    Although he may be injury prone.

    Robin Van Persie 11
    Arsenal FC
    Barclay's Premier League

  7. Default Ronaldinho

    Ronaldinho #10
    Current Club: Barcelona
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    My national team striker from Indonesian League BOAZ SALOSSA!!!!! Persipura's striker, you shoul look it up in the internet. My other favourite playeris KAKA
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    my favourite player cumz from Arsenal in the form ov Cesc Fabregas!!!!!!!!
    he is a really gud playa and he is totally gorjuss, i swear!!!!!!!!

  10. Cool

    Im with ch007 and outlaw all the way,STEVEN GERRARD -Liverpool..
    The most complete player that the game has!
    (And not arrogant unlike some !)

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