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  1. Default Euro 2008

    Who is your money on?

    mine is on Czech Republic

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    Mine is on Greece!!!We'll do it again!!!

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    I hope the Netherlands will go far this time around, but I'm saying France might win it this year

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    Greek POWER!!!!

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    Unfortunately Finland is not good enough at soccer

    Germany will win

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    Quote Originally Posted by 666SiN666 Log in to see links
    Greek POWER!!!!

    We'll reach at least the semi-final!!!

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    Shame there's no british influence

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  9. Thumbs up

    I hope Netherlands, but i think italy


    something for everyone

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    Well today is the day Euro 2008 starts

    although there is something a bit more important to me happening to day Wales Vs South Africa in the rugby.

    But Sky plus will help me here

    so i can watch all the matches, i have the day off

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