Welcome to the coolest cookie factory in the world! Lets start sorting various cookies such as shortbread cookies, seasonal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and many more. You separate the cookies one by one. Instead of sorting them into cookie jars for the cookie shop, we sort them into the tubes. You must match the cookie color and shape in each tube. This cookie challenge is such an addicting game! Maybe youve played a similar game that requires you to match the color of colored balls, but we guarantee that sorting various seasonal cookies, shortbread cookies, or chocolate chip cookies is a lot more fun. Download our game for FREE and start our cookie challenge now!

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We all love to play with dough. However, this cookie factory needs your hand with sorting various types of cookies into the tubes. You can only move and separate one cookie at a time, and you need to match the color and shape of each piece. You will have 2 extra tubes to help you sort the cookies. It seems very easy at first, especially in the beginner levels. The real cookie challenge starts on higher difficulty levels where there are more types of sweets such as colorful seasonal cookies, shortbread cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and more. Who knew sorting cookies would be so much fun! If you try Cookies Sort, you will see that its even more challenging and fun than separating colored balls, playing with dough, or picking them from cookie jars.

🍪 Download and play our addicting game for FREE.
🍪 Colorful cookies with so much variation, shortbread cookies, seasonal cookies, and more!
🍪 500 levels to play. You will enjoy hours & hours of excitement.
🍪 Family friendly. Ask your friends & family to join in on the fun.
🍪 Awesome gameplay that looks simple, but challenging to do.
🍪 5 levels of Difficulty: Beginner, Advanced, Master, Expert, Pro
🍪 Start with any level of Difficulty.
🍪 Skip a level if you cant solve it.
🍪 Undo your last Move.
🍪 Reload the level to replay it from the beginning.
🍪 Play and rank on the Global Leaderboard to show off your skills.

So, lets visit this cool cookie factory now and help to separate and sort the cookies into the tubes. It takes only a few seconds to learn how to play, but it takes a lot of logic and strategy to solve these puzzles. As you can see, its much more difficult sorting the cookies into the tubes instead of cookie jars because you can only add 4 cookies into each tube. You will need to stack them one by one, not just grabbing by the handful and drop them in.
We hope you enjoy our fun challenges! We certainly enjoy creating and perfecting this addicting game. If you have any issues with the game, please inform us so we can fix them right away! Dont forget to leave your rating and review so everyone can find Cookies Sort. You only have to tap on the Heart symbol on the game and you can rate our game right away.