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  1. Default Word King 2020 - Word Connect Game

    Word King 2020 - Word Connect Game

    Word King is an exciting word connect puzzle game for learning new words ! It starts off as an easy word game and becomes challenging! You will have fun improving your

    vocabulary and spelling skills. Your brain will thank you for the traveling!
    Connect letters to get the final solution and travel to a new country!
    Word King is free and unique word game for adults.

    Best game of cross words story, connect and look for words to make puzzles now!
    Search for words among the letters. Scramble the letters and create new words to be connected, pass the level. Play with your friends or family and show who the 2020 puzzle

    master is !
    Word King will test your vocabulary as you discover the world filled with challenging levels.


    • Swipe the letters to connect them and make new words
    • Find as many words as possible to unlock levels.
    • Shiffle to rearracgle the alphabets & rearrange the letters to spark recognition
    • Hints available
    • Use hints if you stump upon a word you can't identify
    • Play with the mini games to get incredible prices
    • Brand new mode Sudoku with words!!
    • Use coins to buy a hint and solve the puzzle.


    ★ Every day bonus rewards
    ★ 1000+ levels
    ★ 100 levels per map
    ★ Play brand new word sudoku daily and earn coins
    ★ Free 500 coins at start
    ★ Extra mini games
    ★ Difficulty increases along with levels.
    ★ Easy to play, but hard to beat!
    ★ Test your english vocabulary!
    ★ Explore worlds and wonders! Discover new places and cities!
    ★ Learn new words
    ★ Find the hidden secrets crosswords
    ★ You can also get more coins purchasing or watching advertising videos
    ★ OFFLINE Playing
    ★ Applicable to Any Ages!

    This is a great connecting word games for true puzzle fans that never ceases to amaze you. Download, and enjoy the word puzzle game now !

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