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  1. Red face [GAME][FREE] Frustrating Fruits - A fun casual game

    Frustrating Fruits

    Trailer video:

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    I just finished a small and casual fruit popping game that trains your patience and your reflexes.
    It is quick and fun and it would be very much appreciated if you could give it a try.

    On your screen, multiple green fruits appear which first turn yellow, and then finally red.
    You must wait for the fruits to turn red before you pick them.
    Don’t touch any green or yellow fruit or you lose.
    Don’t wait for too long or the fruit will rot and you lose.
    It is more challenging than you think it is!

    - Language independent
    - Compatible with almost all phones and tablets
    - Android 4.4+
    - High score
    - Infinite mode where the fruits pop up with increasing speed

    Thanks for your attention and enjoy if you decide to try it!

    Google Play link: Log in to see links


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