Step into different environments and be ready to defend yourself against multiple enemies. This is a realistic 3D shooter game with real world warfare scenarios, high-tech weaponry, guns, grenade and explosives.

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Urban Combat raises the bar in mobile FPS where you can choose your weapons from a wide arsenal of guns that mimic real life power. Prepare to run, hide, aim, shoot your way out of dire situations. Set up your strategy and survive the enemies attack.


- Seek and destroy your enemies
- Take aim at your enemies from a distant or close-up
- Quickly change your guns
- Run at or away from your enemies or choose to hide behind obstacles and sniper your way to victory
- Each level will present you with different levels of challenges
- The sound effects will enhance your experience of real world battlefields.


- Simple smooth FPS controls
- Accurate simulation to help you aim at your enemies from distance
- Immersive 3D experience with realistic sound effects
- Solo game play
- Earn coins to upgrade your weapons
- Advance combat weaponry
- Infinite levels of thrill and fun

Smooth, 3D realistic and precise shooting FPS game is the best ever in urban combat strategy. This will be the most fun shooting 3d war survival game you will ever experience. Free for you to download and play at no cost.