Dimension-8D Music Player is an elegant music player that plays songs with some really cool effects! What makes this app unique is the fact that it automatically adds spatialization effects to songs in Media Library (no more long delays doing processing!). Enhance your musical experience and enjoy audio in a uniquely special way. Note that audio spatialization works best with headphones connected.

WiFi Sync: Aside from playing your music library, you can also import music from your computer through WiFi transfer.

Create and manage your own playlists : Creating playlists and managing them has never been easier, and the app helps you do that quickly.

Premium features

If you loved the free version and you want to take the listening experience to the next level, you might want to subscribe to the premium features. This will enable you to control the speed at which the spatialized audio source moves (e.g fast, slow). You can also activate reverberation and select different reverb presets.

Immerse yourself into the world of 8D music and start adding cool spatialization effects to your favorite songs. Download Dimension-8D Music Player today!


-Add amazing spatialization effects to your music

-Premium features for enhanced experience

-Create/Manage your own music playlists

Feel free to write a review/feedback including features that you would like to have in the app.

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Note: Media like Apple Music songs are protected with DRM Protection. Developers do not have access to the raw data of these. As such, our app is not able to play such files.