Convenient Log in to see links, which allows you to "freeze" the image on the screen. You no longer have to run to the mirror to correct makeup, remove dust from your face, shave, etc. It is very convenient not to bother and not to search for any third-party objects.

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Log in to see links?

Log in to see links?

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Use your phone or tablet as a mirror! Don't settle for those inferior mirror apps with annoying, distorted images and fuzzy ads!

*** A front facing camera that is needed to use this app ***

Mirror by wckdDev uses the front camera to turn on the phone or the camera in a mirror.

- Optimized for tablets and phones

- Horizontal and Vertical Reverse Modes

- Safe and protected

- Themes, frames and Frame additional packages

- Maintains aspect ratio without distortion

- Zoom, exposure and white balance

- Remember All Settings Preferences

- Bare Minimum Permissions

Log in to see links agrees to use only the minimum permissions necessary to function properly which should never include more than the following: