Deleting an video from your phone and then regretting it is quite common. However, recovering deleted videos from Android is not an impossible mission.

Before despairing of believing that you lost the file for good, a tip is to look in the Google Photos trash. The files remain in the folder for 60 days after being deleted.

If you really don't find what you want, you will need to resort to installing an application. Among the apps available on Google Play we highlight the following:

DigDeep video Recovery

Deleted video Recovery

Recover Deleted videos - Restore Deleted videos

Check below how to recover your deleted videos on Android and how to prevent this from happening in the future.

How to recover deleted videos in Android Recycle Bin

The Android Recycle Bin stores deleted files for 60 days. Check out how simple it is to search for a deleted videos in the folder.

Did you decide to clean up your WhatsApp, but realized that together were important photos and videos that can no longer be accessed? There are some ways to recover the media files shared in the app. Backing up conversations The most accurate way to get your files back is by backing up WhatsApp conversations. For this tip to work, you need to be used to always doing it and keeping it up to date. It is also worth remembering that to restore the desired photos and videos they must be saved in the last backup