I've found some Mophun games that were not included in the pack of Mophun games for Mophun Games Launcher v1.01 I got with Mophun Games Launcher v1.01. Said pack of games and Mophun Games Launcher v1.01 both came in separate .sis files. I've tried to change the directory listed in e:\private\FF001092\Last to that of a different file, also on the e: drive on the phone (my Nokia 5730 XpressMusic, which has a QWERTZ keyboard and a silver trim, and is running Symbian OS v9.3 under the Series 60 Version 3.2 (Feature Pack 2) user interface) before ultimately opening Last G (an application that comes with Mophun Games Launcher v1.01 that runs the last Mophun application that was ran in Mophun Games Launcher v1.01), but it still launches the file that was previously specified. Unfortunately, it looks like I might have to manually edit one of more files to add more games to Mophun Games Launcher v1.01. What's the best way to add more games in Mophun Games Launcher v1.01? I've not found anywhere else where this question has even been asked.