A smart and simple application for your Android device “Log in to see links” will help increase the sound volume in the speakers.The sound amplifier allows you to increase the volume of music, video and audio, audio books, radio, voice recording, notifications.You can increase the sound both in the speakers and in the headphones!

If you like to listen to music at high volume, but the speakers of your Android device are not loud enough,
then install "Sound Amplifier", turn it on and enjoy loud mp3 music!

Use the Sound Amplifier app to increase the volume of your radio and audio books!
Adjust the standard volume and gain to your taste.Also, if you like to watch video on a tablet or phone, but the speakers are quiet, then use the “Sound Amplifier”!

The sound amplifier enhances the sound of videos, video clips, movies, TV shows, mp4.
Amplify the sound of your favorite movies, TV shows, watch videos with high volume in the headphones and through the speakers.

If you want to increase the volume of notifications, then the Android application “Sound Amplifier” is a great assistant!
For example, if you do not hear the phone ring, SMS notification, if you do not wake up on time due to a quiet alarm clock,
then use the Sound Amplifier for speakers and headphones, and you will hear all the notifications!
You will not miss calls, SMS notifications, alarm clock!

Sound Amplifier is a music application that enhances sound on a phone or tablet.
Also, the sound amplifier can increase the sound volume in the headphones.
If you like to listen to music with wired headphones or wireless headphones, but you don’t have enough volume,
then install the “Sound Amplifier” application for Android and increase the volume of audio, video, mp3 music, audio books, mp4, wav,
radio notifications.

If you like loud music, you like listening to music through the Bluetooth speakers, the Sound Amplifier will increase the volume of the Bluetooth speakers.
Just adjust the standard volume and gain.
Invite your friends, turn on the Sound Amplifier, select popular music and have a party!
The music will be loud, like in a nightclub or in a disco!

If you like to listen to music on the street, while walking with friends, when you ride a bicycle, and you like to turn on music loudly,
then install the “Sound Amplifier” music application on Android, turn on your favorite music, adjust the gain to high volume
and enjoy loud music!

Thus, thanks to the “Log in to see links” application, you can increase the volume in speakers, wireless headphones,
wired headphones, bluetooth headphones and bluetooth speakers.

Also, the sound amplifier is able to increase the volume of video games and applications.
If you like to play games on the phone, but your games are not loud enough, then use the “Sound Amplifier” to increase the volume of music and sounds in the game.

Be careful! We are not responsible for you and your device! Do not listen to amplified headphones for long.

- increase the volume of wired headphones, increase the volume of wireless headphones, enhance the sound of Bluetooth headphones;
- increase the sound of the Bluetooth speakers;
- high sound volume;
- adjust the standard volume and volume gain in excess of the standard;
- music app for Android devices.

If you set the amplifier to 0, the sound amplification will turn off. A notification icon appears at the top for your convenience.
If you don’t want the notification icon to be visible when the application is turned on, you can remove it in the settings or configure it,so that the notification icon appears when the application is active.