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  1. Default [Free][4.0+] R Mahjong – Riichi Mahjong for 4 players

    Hello All,

    I would like to present R Mahjong - real Japanese Mahjong game (often called riichi mahjong) (リーチ麻雀).


    - Real and fast artificial intelligence
    - Possibility to record games, followed by viewing and analysis.
    - Game progress display
    - The ability to play against people and bots in any combination on the local network (via Wi-Fi)
    - The possibility to select an advertising display mode.

    The rules in the main correspond to the riichi mahjong rules used on the tenhou server.

    R Mahjong has an interface in two languages (English and Japanese).
    R Mahjong is completely free.

    Coming soon:

    Training mode with open hands.
    Analysis of statistics of played games.
    iOS version.

    Some video:



    You can start playing alone and with your friends in real riichi mahjong right now.

    R Mahjong available on Google Play. Download and enjoy.
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    New beta version released. Last beta before release (I hope).

    What’s New: Added volume adjustment. You can reduce the sound volume or mute it altogether.
    Added display of game score after showing replays.

    If you have any questions, wishes, comments do not hesitate to ask them via e-mail: riichi.arttech[at] . We are also available on Twitter.
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    Today, finally, the release. R Mahjong has version 1.0.0.

    R Mahjong is a real Japanese Mahjong.

    With R Mahjong, you can play not only against AI but also against other people on the local network.
    R Mahjong is perfect for playing with friends. Not enough players? No problem.
    You can play against humans and bots in any combination. You can play Mahjong even when there are less than four of you.
    You do not need to manually enter the IP address of the device acting as the server. R Mahjong will do everything for you.

    You can start a game of mahjong with friends in just a couple of touches.
    Network traffic between devices is encrypted, so that no one can cheat while spying on the hands of opponents.

    If you can rate 5 star it will help me a lot !
    Besides, all ideas are welcome.

    Have a nice day.

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