This is a tissue camera prank application without a body scanner. The camera body scanner application helps you see under clothing and solvent. This is a fun and joke application that makes your friends show that they will scan their bodies. The new Real Fabric Camera is a fun and entertaining application that allows your friends to show that you are going to scan your entire body. Then, the original camera of the body scanner will show you a random image. Who can show your friends, girlfriend. After that, your friend will surprise and wonder about your image of the Body Scanner underwear. The real camera is a very good tool that behaves like the real fabulous body scanner. Now, like this specific body scanner fill without a dress camera today.

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Download the application and save it to your device
- Open the application and adjust the camera
- Now you can adjust the camera
- Now you can get your screen
- Have fun with friends, girls, boys and girls
Features of New Scanner Body Scanner Camera Prank Prank
The user interface is very simple
Male body scan
Female body scanner
The images are good
Body scanner for girls
Scanner for children's bodies
Very easy to use
Sweeping of children's bodies
Entertainment application

Note: This application is just for fun with friends very exceeding app hope you like it so download and have gr8 fun