Fibre optic termination, is Really good at designing and manufacturing Fibre Optic Products for Data Centers “

The rapidconnect product range incorporates all passive Fibre Optic cabling and cabling related products.

Fibre optic termination

• Fibre Optic Cable
o - Indoor/Outdoor Fibre Optic Cable
o – Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable
 -- L Series Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable
 -- GRP Armoured Rodent Proof Fibre Optic Cable
 -- CST Armoured Rodent Proof Fibre Optic Cable
• Fibre Optic Patch Cables
• Pre-Terminated Fibre Optic Cable
• Fibre Optic Enclosures
o - Wall Mount Enclosure
o - Rack Mount Fixed Tray
o - Rack Mount Sliding Enclosure

Patch Cables: Firstly, what we need to have for good optical performance in Fibre optic patch cables are three primary characteristics:
– low loss
– minimal reflectance
– high mechanical strength
Fibre optic termination

Fibre optic patch cables will come with loss results and these results will be listed on the packaging. They should be tested in both directions so there should be 4 test results for you for a duplex cable or 2 results for a simplex cable.
Comparing simplex to duplex fibre optic patch cables just means comparing the difference between one fibre or two fibre’s and therefore either only one connector at each end of fibre optic patch cables or two connectors at each end. Duplex fibre optic patch cables are the most common type as one fibre is typically used to transmit data signals and the other fibre is there to receive them. However, in some instances (bi-directional applications), only one fiber is required, so simplex fibre optic patch cable are all that is needed.

Fibre optic termination

• Networking
o - SFP's
o - Media Converters
o - Chassis
• Test & Measurement
o - Fusion Splicer
o - OTDR
o - Intelligent Laser Source
o - Power Meters
o - Optical Fibre Identifier
o - Visible Fault Identifier
o - Fibrescout
o - Fibre Optic Talk Set
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