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    Hello, Android Central.

    I would like to offer you my game. Game genre is complicated. I think that it is logic + arcade )). The main idea is the construction of the railway (like a puzzle) and train management.

    Short Youtube video - Log in to see links

    The game contains two parts - the main gameplay and the quest part.
    In the main gameplay the player needs to connect all the towns with each other using 6 kinds of rails. After that the player should direct trains between townes (the red train should go to the red town, and the yellow one - to the yellow one) using of railways switchers and traffic lights.

    Various relief obstacles (rivers and mountains) appear further in the game, as well as bridges and tunnels. Next we tried to create difficulties in the paths construction. There are only 6 rail shapes, so it is necessary to create additional loops or railway sidings for some cities connection (puzzle elements).

    Also there is a quest part in the game - the player can spend the earned money to restore locomotives in the hangar.

    The game is available on iOS and on Android
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    Android - Log in to see links

    Thank you for your time)))
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    First video gameplay
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    There are a lot of changes in the new version - I greatly accelerated the game, now it can be called an arcade puzzle. Judging by usage statistics - people liked.

    I also re-sorted the levels - the most interesting ones I tried to put in the beginning

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