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  1. Default Puzzle Adventure - What Lies Underground

    What Lies Underground is a first person point and click puzzle adventure.

    Waking far from home in an unknown place, POINT, TAP, PUZZLE and EXPLORE to access something DEEPER within. Can you discover the SECRET underground entrance?

    Driven under cover of darkness, you awake at a mystery location. You exit the limo with a cryptic note from the redhead driver. A hidden group has set puzzles, designed not to arouse suspicion. Explore your surroundings, use objects and solve puzzles to uncover the secret underground entrance.

    What Lies Underground is a puzzle game created entirely by a single person.

    "This is nothing short of amazing" - Big Boss Battle

    One of the "Best new games on our forums" - TouchArcade

    Experience unique puzzles you won't find in any escape game.

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    • Beautiful graphics.
    • Engaging puzzles and game play.
    • Lots of items to collect, watch out for the odd red herring!
    • Over 800 text comments in English giving you feedback and humour.
    • Inventory Screen to select and inspect items.
    • Zoom Screen to look at clues & books.
    • 16 achievements.
    • Original soundtrack.
    • Explore and experiment, certain puzzles can be completed in any order.

    Excellent Escape Game
    "I thoroughly enjoyed this game from start to finish. Clear, uncluttered graphics, unusual and interesting puzzles. A couple of proper head scratchers in there as well." - Suzie’s Great Escapes - App Store (UK)

    Solid Game - Look Forward to Next Installment
    "Great game that is in the mold of other quality point and tap adventures. The game really makes you think and keeps you engaged." - druckman21 - App Store (US)

    Great Game! Good variety of puzzles that are challenging enough that you get a sense of satisfaction in solving them. If you really run out of ideas though, the webpage provides useful hint. Love the text responses as well. - Google Play

    App Store:
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    Google Play:
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