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  1. Question [Need Help] iphone iPod Touch iPad games

    Has anyone got any games for the ipod Touch or iPhone??

  2. Default iphone 3g game question

    how do you put games downloaded from this site onto the iphone 3g? i am having some problems with that.

  3. Default how do u install games on iphone?

    hi can i know how to install games on iphone? Thx

  4. Default

    You will need a jailbroken device for these to work.

    This thread should help:
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    There are many imposters to the incredibly popular game, but few have managed to bring a good port to the iPhone. However, it seems as though even Scrabble themselves cannot compete with the almighty Words With Friends. We consider Words With Friends to be the greatest word game app available for the iPhone due to its incredible features, as well as the cleanliness of the graphics and interface.Opening the app allows the user to type in their email address, to choose a username, and begin playing online. One of the best things about the app is the ability to challenge friends to a game, as well as anyone on the planet that has the app. This application is one of the most popular apps in the App Store, and with good reason. Thousands of users have given this app five-star reviews, as can be seen in the review section of the App Store. If you see a group of people on their iPhones, chances are they are playing Words With Friends together. This Scrabble port is great for anyone from someone looking to kill some time, or someone looking to spend a few hours on the game. Either way, you do not have to be an expert gamer to enjoy this game. All levels of users can have fun with this app.

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    i seldom play games,so i am not so clear about this.

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